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Charting Within Months: Part IV Fenech-Soler

I may as well begin by summing up Fenech-Soler for you; they are, without a doubt, the most exciting band I’ve discovered this year. Still unsigned and yet to depart their teens, this Northamptonshire based band are going to make one very profitable Christmas present for whoever finally convinces them to sign on the dotted line. Musically, Fenech-Soler are well reputed to mix the floating vocal harmonies of Phoenix, pulsating synths of Cut Copy, and hip-gyration inducing bass lines of Friendly Fires.

Of these three bands, Friendly Fires’ influence is the most prevalent; not only musically, but in the fact that both bands seem to have a much appreciated aversion to write songs that couldn’t be released as stand-alone singles. ....
4:17 a.m. Saturday 24th October 2009 EST
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