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Checkin Dem Sugars

Checkin Dem Sugars

HUUUUUGE Mix Todays - hey chekc this out its pretty good. most of yalls know i made a quick mix awiles back and it was aright - well nows i went and made a new mix of most of my songs that overall that just makke me feels better when listenin. they arent mixed together tooo well but some are reall hot while others are just not.

you should definitly give dis one a listen and check out some old disco/boogie/funk jams. let me kno what you guys thinkk. DJ Diabetes - Low Blood Sugar Mix Tracklist - Lakeside - Rough Rider Double Vision - Clock On the Wall Archie Bell & the Drells - Don't Let love Get You ....

9:23 a.m. Sunday 8th March 2009 EST
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