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Chester Finch - She Loves Everybody

You have been cordially invited to an exclusive pants party...the invitation to the party in my pants that is, haha. Well, this Party Pance is a wee bit different, and they have remixed Chester Finch's, She Loves Everybody into a genuine partEee tune! Bay area trio band (Andy, Eric & Ben), Party Pance, have the ability to amazingly contort the sounds they whip up, and force those who listen to it to bust out into ridiculous dance moves. This track is a definite "Banger" classified tune! This is one of those tunes with solid beats, as well as great sounding texture throughout.

Take my word for it and look @ their Myspace . So, go on and take a bite, ....
9:10 a.m. Friday 24th July 2009 EST
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