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Chris Brown, Keri Hilson: Chris Brown ...

Chris Brown, Keri Hilson: Chris Brown Plots a Comeback, in Talks with Keri Hilson

Assuming Chris Brown's assault case against former girlfriend Rihanna ends "quickly and amicably" (insert snort of sarcasm here), Brown can soon look forward to working with singer/songwriter Keri Hilson. The two performers have collaborated in the past, but this time, Brown would be aiming for a much-needed commercial comeback. Brown, who last February beat and threatened then-girlfriend and current R&B; superstar Rihanna, is in court today where Rihanna has plans to testify against him.

If convicted, Brown will face up to five years in prison. [ ContactMusic ]. 5:27 a.m. Tuesday 23rd June 2009 EST
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