Chris Cornell: No Bitches Allowed, No ...

Chris Cornell: No Bitches Allowed, No Matter Where They Are [Videodrone]

The video for Chris Cornell 's "Part Of Me" made its way to the Internet a month ago, but I just happened across it today; it's a Timbaland-produced track that sounds like a wan take on Nelly Furtado's way superior "Say It Right," and its lyrics tell the tale of a man who's had many a regrettable impulse. Those lyrics, by the way, employ the phrase "that bitch ain't a part of me" approximately 22 times . The video shows hard-luck scenarios in clubs that specialize in hot Dirty Dancing Havana Nights -style hotness (in San Juan), line-dancing (in El Paso), and good old-fashioned New York bootyshaking (in Queens!), I guess for the purpose of universalizing the song's lyrics.

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