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CHRISTMAS #1 IN 2010?????

Just heard that the Cowell hit-making machine has been stopped, temporarily, in its tracks with the news that Rage Against The Machine is the Xmas #1. If we're going to manage to do the same next year, we need to get behind one track. There will be some out there who ask that it be The Pogues , others will want Slade .....we might even get the Sex Pistols in an effort to give them the #1 they were denied in Jubilee Year in 1977.

I'd like to suggest what I reckon is THE best Christmas single ever...... Here's what the NME of 28 November 1987 had to say:- From sample Wonderland to Get Down town, the Justified Ancients of ....
6 a.m. Monday 21st December 2009 EST
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