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Chuck Bernstein - Delta Berimbau Blues ...

by Pico A berim- what??? Yeah, that's right, a berimbau . Indigenous to the northeast region of Brazil , this bad boy is a single wire-stringed percussion musical instrument that's sort of like a bow with a hollowed-out gourd on the bottom of it and played with a wooden stick, with the tone modulated by using a coin-like piece of metal. The berimbau is not an instrument a whole lot of people in America know how to play, but from the time drummer and percussionist Chuck Bernstein saw Shelly Manne whip one out during a live performance back in the mid-seventies, he was hooked.<br/><br/> "There was something about the instrument that totally captivated me" he said. "...its trance-like rhythms and .... 4 p.m. Wednesday 28th January 2009 EST
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