Cicada - Metropolis

Cicada will release their second album Roulette on May 25th through Critical Mass. The record will be preceded by the release of the album track ‘Metropolis’ as a single on May 18th. The follow up to their self-titled debut album of 2006, Roulette effortlessly ranges in styles; from the best moments of vintage electro-pop on the euphoric lead single ‘Metropolis’ (already receiving support from Radio 1), to the darkest recesses of electro-indie on ‘Executive’, featuring Tom Smith of The Editors on vocals.

Dance fans will hear echoes of William Orbit’s finest moments and Daft Punk’s seminal debut on the gloriously percussive ‘P-Star’. Indie fans will latch onto Technique-era New Order. Pop fans will simply hear great melodies and concise song-writing ....

2:04 p.m. Saturday 28th March 2009 EST
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