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Circuit City's Island Of Misfit CDs: ...

Circuit City's Island Of Misfit CDs: What People Aren't Buying [Bought For A Song]

The Circuit City here in Athens is closing up shop, and all of the CDs there are 50% off. I picked up the new Q-Tip there, Portishead's Third , and Sly & the Family Stone's Greatest Hits (so I could get the three songs not included on last year's box, bastards). Maura posted about Circuit City closing a couple of days ago and how there were tons of Janet Jackson's Discipline there.

"Tons" is an understatement: There were four rows of copies. I got intrigued by this and decided to catalog what other CDs people weren't buying at Circuit City, even at 50% off. What I found was interesting.

First off, the place is fairly cleaned out. The selection is .... 1:30 a.m. Thursday 18th December 2008 EST
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