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CL Smooth Remixes Vol. 2

CL Smooth Remixes Vol. 2

Roca Japan releases a couple of CL Smooth inspired remix records with production by Dela, DJ Deckstream, Iman, Olive Oil, & Mrecedes Boy. Volume two seemed to be released before volume 1 for some reason and features three remixes for, "Shine On Me", "Multi Barz Of Fury", & "Is It Really You". I do Like the Olive Oil remix for "Shine On Me", but Dela and Iman's remix are truly the standouts here.

Dela provides his signature sound, with vocal chants, a thick bass line, and saxaphone behind CL's vocals. Dope! My favorite track on this one though is Iman's remix for, "Is It Really You". Iman's layering of mellow guitar twangs, strings, piano, and a hypnotizing vocal sample smooth ....

6:53 a.m. Sunday 7th September 2008 EST
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