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Clarence White and his Transition to ...

1965 had to be bittersweet for Clarence White ( pictured far right ) and The Kentucky Colonels. In February of that year, fiddler Scotty Stoneman ( pictured far left ) joined the band for a half-year stint, transforming the Colonels into perhaps the greatest bluegrass group of all-time. If Clarence and Scotty weren't the Bird and Diz of bluegrass ...<br/><br/> which is what I contend ... they were at least its Moon and Entwhistle . Unfortunately, the downside to that musical brilliance were diminishing paying gigs.<br/><br/> By 1965, bands like The Beatles, Stones, and those local boys made good, The Byrds, had dramatically altered the cultural landscape. Clubs weren't interested in booking bluegrass bands if they could get much more .... 7:33 a.m. Tuesday 29th July 2008 EST
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