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Clarence White and the Rise of ...

Clarence White and the Rise of Nashville West: 1966-67

Apologies for not getting this post out sooner. I came down with a Category 4 head cold and was unable to communicate in English for about a week. Today's post is Part 3 in the Clarence White Chronicles, so if you'd like to read Part 1 and/or Part 2 , please click the links.

Obviously, you can also check the archives or methodically scroll down the page, your call. Anyway, I apologize for the truancy, but I'm back, baby! So let's get to it. "HOLY MACKEREL! CAN THIS GUY PLAY GUITAR?" As I mentioned last time, Clarence spent most of 1966 busy with session work and pickup gigs.

Sometime in the latter half of '66 ... the historical record is .... 2 a.m. Saturday 16th August 2008 EST
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