Clarence White: Easy Ridin' in '69

For Clarence White ( second from left ), 1969 began with the release of his first album as a member of The Byrds, Dr. Byrds & Mr. Hyde , and ended with the release of that album's follow-up, Ballad Of Easy Rider .

In between, the band played over 70 dates throughout the U.S., many of those gigs featuring multiple sets (early and late shows, e.g.). Despite the heavy workload, there were enough gaps in The Byrds' tour schedule that White was able to contribute to an eclectic number of sessions. His first recording date of note was with a young singer by the name of Linda Rondstadt .

She was fresh off her stint with The Stone Poneys and .... 1:55 a.m. Friday 19th December 2008 EST
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