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Clarika, Dominique

Clarika, Dominique

Trying to get a copy of the new Clarika album asap - in the meantime, here's a song from the Boby Lapointe tribute-album (2002) that I hadn't posted yet. Boby's one of the funniest lyricists in France, so I read. Think Bourvil, who also recorded his songs.

I found two new songs by Dominique A(né) also, his new album drops April 6. The very intense Ané is the godfather of the Nouvelle Scene Française, the one who saved French pop from eighties-hell, dusted it off and made it au courant again. So for that, and because of brilliant albums like Auguri and Tout sera comme avant, we follow him closely on FS.

Clarika - Comprend qui peut Dominique A - .... 8:47 p.m. Tuesday 10th March 2009 EST
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