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Clarissa Hazel Duo + Spencer Parker

Techno today, a gift from me to you. One, a slice of tropical minimal, the other a low slung bass monster that takes on all comers. But which one's which? You'll have to download both and see, won't you...

♫ Clarissa Hazel Duo - 6am At The Absynth Bar [Titbit Music] This delicious slice of tropical minimal (may have given the game away a little there, but ne'er mind) is a brooding wave of background bongos, white noise, discordant bells and warm, wet bass. Like a bath. With bells and bongos in.

In the dark. And can you think of anything more fitting to a nightclub? Of course not. The track bears comes from the same camp as Villalobos, all ....

From 'Louis Louis'
4:45 a.m. Thursday 3rd December 2009 EST
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