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Classixx - Gorgeous post-disco electro

Photo by Michelle Brea Sounds Like: Absolute bliss THIS , is one of the most absorbing , gorgeous , thirst-quenching electro tracks I have ever heard. The Classixx remix of Beni's My Love Sees You . It is beautiful .

Beni - My Love Sees You (Classixx remix) . Also check out their remix of Guns 'N' Bombs track Riddle of Steel which featured on Gildas & Masaya's (of Kitsuné) New York mix (well worth checking out in itself, as is their Paris mix ). Guns 'N' Bombs - Riddle of Steel (Classixx remix) .

And here's some gold at the end of that rainbow - an orginal track from Classixx feat. Jeppe - I'll Get You . Video by ....

2:55 a.m. Sunday 24th May 2009 EST
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