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No matter what I do, the music keeps pouring in. Here's my first attempt to tame the ever-growing stacks of CDs crowding my desk with a few short capsule reviews. Artists covered: Dirty Fingernails, Black Sheep, Vipe Out, The Monument, C'mon Crimson and Frantic Sunday.

Dirty Fingernails - Bruno (Northern Swing) Who in their right mind, in this modern mp3 age, presses a single-song CD single, complete with slimline jewel case, and mails them halfway around the world hoping for review? Tossing in a collection of monogrammed sleep aids, ahem, hangover remedies, doesn't help much either, in fact it might give someone the wrong idea. It's the kind of "clever marketing" that reeks of total desperation and too much money ....
2:25 p.m. Monday 8th June 2009 EST
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