Clipse: Clipse Talk "Kinda Like a ...

Clipse: Clipse Talk "Kinda Like a Big Deal"

So apparently Clipse's comeback single " Kinda Like a Big Deal ," which features Kanye West, was not supposed to be all over Internet servers last week; the group had planned a massive roll-out that won't happen because it leaked via a radio show. The group has taken an amiable position regarding the leak in an interview with MTV, saying that despite the fact they got underground artist KAWS to do the art and were stoked about the release plan, that their still happy the song has gotten a lot of hype. “We heard it leaked — God!” Pusha T said standing on Collins Avenue with his brother, Malice.

“Just when we had everything in order,” Push said of the .... 2:49 a.m. Tuesday 28th April 2009 EST
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