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CMF Day 3: Dinosaur Bones, Daniel ...

Friday night of Canadian Music Fest was an enjoyable mix of bands that I've seen several times before, and others that I have meant to see but due to circumstances, never did. Most of my music loving friends were shocked to hear that I had still never gotten around to seeing Dinosaur Bones perform. Along with Still Life Still , they are currently the most well supported act in the city, and to say that my expectations were high is no mere exaggeration.<br/><br/> I do quite enjoy their four song EP, although not in any sort of mind blowing way. Add to that the fact that extreme gushing from an indie loving fanbase automatically causes me to cop a little .... 4 a.m. Thursday 19th March 2009 EST
It's Not The Band I Hate, It's Their Fans 102 posts in collection
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