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Coachella, Day Two: "The Killers Killed ...

Coachella, Day Two: "The Killers Killed It"

Saturday was a short day for me, and mindless fun seemed to be the theme. A couple minor disappointments probably made this the weakest of the three days, but a weak day at Coachella is still more fun than you can even conceive. I started out at Dim Mak's pool party, and learned that Palm Springs is actually quite far from Indio.

After I got a weekend's worth of free stuff and glorious train-wreck watching in under an hour, it was time to actually see some music. TV ON THE RADIO The first act I saw once I hit the polo fields was TV On the Radio, which rocked the main stage in the late afternoon. There were live horns, ....

6:29 p.m. Wednesday 22nd April 2009 EST
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