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Coachella: Let The Rumor-Mongering (Complete With ...

Thanks to its being one of the grandaddies of the mid-year American festival circuit, the Coachella lineup commands something of an outsized importance over that of its competitors; it serves as a way to figure out which smaller bands will be clogging the lower rungs of other festivals, among other things. So speculation over its lineup is always something that gets the blogs a-going in the colder months . Last year's acts (with the exception of Prince) were announced on Jan.

21 , so to get ready for the seemingly imminent announcement of 2009's list, LAist has put together a list of the yeses, the maybes, and the "only in my dreams"es: Confirmed Artists: the Airborne Toxic Event, the Bug, ....
From 'Idolator'
3 a.m. Tuesday 13th January 2009 EST
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