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Cold Coke Disco

Cold Coke Disco

Another great release of 2008 was the re-issue of the 1979 disco classic " Cold Coke ". This funky boogie gem was released on the second Disco & Co. album, which consisted of instrumental disco released by Tele Music .

The songs were written by Marc Chantereau , Pierre-Alain Dahan , and Slim Pezin of the legendary disco group Voyage . The recent reissue twelve inch, which was released by Tubetracks , featured a solid re-edit by Danile Baldelli and Marco Dionigi . I'm definitely a sucker for instrumental "library" disco music, so just as I was excited about this year's release of 's Le Disco compilation, I was just as thrilled by the recent reissue of " Cold ....

11:32 a.m. Saturday 27th December 2008 EST
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