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Colin Gawel (Watershed) solo CD release

Colin Gawel (Watershed) solo CD release

Colin Gawel, better known as one of the principal singers and songwriters of veteran local rock band Watershed, has more than an album full of solo material, but he’s forgoing the traditional record-release model for his debut. Instead, Gawel’s releasing a CD single on producer Mike Landolt’s Curry House Music label every six months or so, beginning with Chemotherapy this Friday at the Rumba Cafe. The show will feature his backing band, the Lonely Bones.

Admission includes a CD. Music at 9:30 pm. Judging by the rootsy title track, along with two other originals, Gawel still knows his way around a hook.

“The Words We Say” is probably my favorite. Super catchy. Here's the video, courtesy of the Palestra..

11:31 p.m. Wednesday 6th May 2009 EST
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