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College Break: Fresh Sounds Playlist

College Break: Fresh Sounds Playlist

Just 3 things about this playlist. 1. It was compiled right after my last exam yesterday.

2. You should know these songs by now, so they're not entirely 'fresh' 3. It's on the side bar ...

in tropical orange Extraperlo. “Las Palmeras del Amor” (Desayuno Continental) Hello Seahorse! “Después" (Bestia) Los Amigos Invisibles ft Natalia Lafourcade. “Viviré Para Ti” (Commercial) Juan Son.

“El Resplandor” (Mermaid Sashimi) Los Amparito. “Las Miradas de Magaly” (N/A) Teleradio Donoso. “Cama de Clavos” (Bailar y Llorar) Disco Ruido! “Mrs.

Love” (N/A) Elaine. “Yes Louis” (N/A) Maluca. “El Tigeraso” (El Tigeraso) Quiero Club ft Jorge González.

“Minutos de Aire” (Nueva America) Bam Bam. “Trepabalcones” (Bam Bam) Bigott. “Algora Campeon” (Fin) Nuuro.

“Avila” (The Reddest Ruby) Natalia .... 7:41 a.m. Saturday 16th May 2009 EST
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