College Road Trip

College Road Trip

Jerry Douglas (with Alison Kraus)--"Back In Love" (mp3) First, the facts: 48-hour road trip to Kenyon College in Ohio and back. Some 1200 miles. 16 hours driving to and from, 14 hours sleeping, 14 hours with college child, 4 hours unaccounted for.

Here's what the road trip looks like. Gas stop. Denny's stop.

Gas stop. Motel stop. Wal-Mart stop.

Tim Horton's stop. Motel stop. Bakery with the incredible stuffed pepperoni bread stop! Campus stop.

Mall stop. Trader Joe's stop. Motel stop.

Bar to watch Kentucky Derby stop. Campus to see daughter dance stop. Friendly's Restaurant stop.

Wal-Mart stop. Motel stop. Gas stop.

Skyline Chili stop. Gas stop. Home.

Such a blur. Second, the road rage thing. Now, I am a ....

2:01 a.m. Saturday 9th May 2009 EST
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