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Comic-Con 2009 Day 1: Johnny Depp ...

Comic-Con 2009 in San Diego is in full swing. A lot of nerd-tastic stuff happened. Here's your round-up of Day 1 events, but we can confirm from reports on the ground that not one virginty has been lost yet.<br/><br/> Still there are a few more days to go. Johnny Depp made a surprise appearance at Comic-Con yesterday and, despite not speaking to the crowd at all, still set off screams, cheers and flashes aplenty. " Alice In Wonderland " helmer Tim Burton also received a rousing reception - incomparable to Depp's of course but - before discussing his film.<br/><br/> "Looks like a freak show, doesn't it?" the director joked. "["Alice In Wonderland's"] material's seen a lot of film versions of .... 11:31 p.m. Friday 24th July 2009 EST
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