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Comprehension and Analysis

Interesting discussion today (for other purposes than what I usually write about here) about comprehension versus analysis . This applies (as discussed today) mostly to children in various developmental stages -- roughly kindergarten through middle school. But it also applies, I think, to us.<br/><br/> The way it applies, though, is somewhat counter-intuitive. When teaching children, it is usually assumed in most forms of education that analysis follows comprehension. Comprehension can loosely be described as being able to piece together given strands of information into a coherent narrative or larger idea.<br/><br/> Analysis is in the disassembling -- re-examining those pieces for context, subtext, non-obvious meaning, etc. We performed an interesting experiment in a higher-level issue that arises when comprehension is taken .... 12:44 p.m. Friday 26th June 2009 EST
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