Congrats, Lady GaGa: You're More Annoying ...

Congrats, Lady GaGa: You're More Annoying Than Katy Perry Now [All We Hear Is Radio Blah Blah]

I assumed that Katy Perry would hold onto the top spot of the music-related portion of my Extreme Dislike List well into 2009 (for now, I'm still giving Chris Brown the right to be presumed innocent). Byt somehow Lady GaGa got the impression that a No. 1 hit gave her the right to have outlandish, ridiculous opinions, and that she was entitled to share them with the public.

In a way, I have to thank Whitney Pastorek. Her Entertainment Weekly article (and "outtakes" on the mag's Web site) have exposed GaGa for the ridiculous loudmouth that she is. When she disappears from public consciousness in a year or so, we can all look back and laugh.

"Remember her? The one .... 2:30 a.m. Thursday 12th February 2009 EST
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