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CONTEST: Ray LaMontagne - Gossip In ...

CONTEST: Ray LaMontagne - Gossip In The Grain CD and autographed poster giveaway

Ray LaMontagne - Gossip In The Grain "Folk music" is a tag that is thrown around quite liberally these days, to the point where it has almost grown as difficult to decipher as terms like "indie" and "transplendent" (which are both terms that I use quite frequently, I'll admit.) Usually, when an artist is described as a 'folk' artist, it usually means that they play country music; not new country, but country, the kind similar to what your grandparents listened to in their own angst filled teens. The kind of folk that Ray LaMontagne plays, however, is different. He does touch on elements of country, but his style and lyrics are far more introspective and sparse, substituting overly clever wordplay ....

7:02 a.m. Wednesday 10th December 2008 EST
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