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So much wonderful stuff coming up - pay attention Australians! This weekend: Saturday at Melt in Kings X having a jolly Christmas bash, playing some tunes 11:30 til 1 to see how things go for a potential Disco Delicious night later on in January (!!) which is super exciting. Sunday afternoon we're doing a laid back Death Strobe collab party with Pete Versus Toby at Ching-A-Lings from 3pm which will be a beauty. January 8th is time to pop down to Melbourne for Special Disco Version & The Juan Maclean which will be ridiculous, followed by a swift return to Sydney for a Picnic warehouse party on the 9th with Lovefingers.

Yes the next 5 weeks will certainly make its ....
9:50 p.m. Thursday 17th December 2009 EST
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