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Cornelius Cardew - Red Flag Prelude

Cornelius Cardew - Red Flag Prelude

With Cornelius Cardew, the done thing seems to be to admire his mid-period avant garde output, and to scoff at his later revolutionary communist populist music. With the recent reissue of Four Principles on Ireland , a collection of his piano music from that era, it's possible to re-examine this piece of received wisdom and to find it lacking. Cardew may have been writing music with titles such as Long Live Chairman Mao , but while his horizons may have shifted he had lost none of his musical touch.

It seems an unequal trade, to lose one of the luminaries of experimental music and to gain an arranger of folk melodies, but at least Cardew was a good arranger. Here's .... 11:04 a.m. Tuesday 9th December 2008 EST
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