Cornelius: Cornelius Tour Canceled Due to Swine Flu Outbreak

Anyone hoping to experience the electro-pop sounds of Cornelius in California and Mexico in May are suddenly out of luck. He has canceled all six dates of a tour that would have taken him to both regions, citing the travel restrictions imposed by the swine flu outbreak as the primary reason. An e-mail from Cornelius’ publicist expresses “our deepest sympathies to all of those affected directly or indirectly by this virus,” and also adds that the dates will most likely be rescheduled next year: "We hope to return in 2010 upon the release of Cornelius' forthcoming album." The following tour dates are all canceled, with information about refunds expected to follow shortly: 05.08 Mexico City, Mexico 05.09 Guadalajara, Mexico 05.12 ....

10:36 p.m. Friday 1st May 2009 EST
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