cosmos rock lounge

cosmos rock lounge

I have some recordings from the other slug guts sydney show which was moved at the last minute to cosmos rock lounge. Uninformed I walked to louies which at 8 oclock showed no signs of life. Fortunately I bumped into people who knew about the venue change so I followed them to the venue.

I missed seeing jonothan hochman and matthew hopkins, arrived just in time to watch people clap. I did see whores (twang garage) slug guts (gravel sleaze) tully arnot (sex poems) kirin j callinan (epic beauty) and straight arrows (ultimate fun) click links to download mp3 files. WHORES SLUG GUTS TULLY ARNOT KIRIN J CALLINAN STRAIGHT ARROWS.

6:30 p.m. Monday 5th January 2009 EST
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