Cottam: one of the best releases of last year?

I wrote this a month or two ago but hadn't got round to posting. Exams and dissertation are hitting on me hard but will be back banging out posts soon... Without too much hyperbole, I can say hand-on-my-heart that Cottam's three Untitled EPs, released last year, are one of the best series I've ever heard: uplifting, original, throwback ...

all in one breath. Cottam is an up-and-coming UK producer, who rides dirty house grooves and beefy slabs of percussion. But what really invogorates them is his fresh use of samples, traversing hip hop soul and african roots music.

You could do worse than spinning all three EPs back to back, and then all over again. They're that good: Rough vintage ....

from 'You Can Call Me Pelski'

12:28 a.m. Saturday 8th May 2010 EST
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