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Courtney Love, Hole: Courtney Love Reviving ...

Courtney Love, Hole: Courtney Love Reviving Hole

Courtney Love, who has been working on her second solo album, Nobody's Daughter, for what seems like 20 years (it's really more like seven) has announced that her old band Hole is getting back together to work in the studio on tracks that were going to be on Daughter. Considering every other band that had a hit in the post Nirvana alt-rock boom has gotten back together (like say, Creed), it only makes sense that Hole would be back sooner than later. Nobody's Daughter was originally intended to make Courtney into a balladeer, but she opted to start going back to her rock roots during the sessions.

She says she's keeping a bunch of the songs she recorded with Linda .... 3:25 a.m. Friday 19th June 2009 EST
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