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In seventh grade, when Marcy Playground's "Sex and Candy" took Everclear's spot atop my local Top 40 radio station's nightly request countdown, I knew the following about sex: 1. The best way to get money for Marvel cards was by stealing porn magazines from my older brother, cutting out the pictorials, and selling them to classmates. 1b.<br/><br/> Ryan Devens, you still owe me five dollars for that Jenny McCarthy Playboy spread where she's wearing the Santa costume, you rat. 2. OH MY GOD THEY'RE SAYING "SEX" ON THE RADIO.<br/><br/> From Atlanta, La Chansons trade out the original track's sleepy acoustics for twinkling synth drops on their cover of "Sex" for Buffetlibre's Rewind 2.0 complilation . Emblematic for whole new generation .... 1:30 a.m. Friday 9th January 2009 EST
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