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Cover News: August 8. 2009

This Week’s News First of all, don’t forget to vote for which song you’d like Broken Chimneys to cover on the right! Read this post to find out what it’s all about. Joan or Bruce, Wilco or Neutral Milk? Jacko fans, cover fans, music fans at large, the wait is over. Butter X Face has done a brilliant job hyping up their Michael Jackson tribute (mostly by delaying it), but it is here in all its glory.<br/><br/> Thirteen brand new covers, many of his lesser-known tunes, available for your perusal here. Bonus: The brilliant title: Chum Onah . Don’t get it? Watch this .<br/><br/> Another MJ tribute album is in the works (shocker) featuring bigger names than BxF doing what .... 6:38 a.m. Sunday 9th August 2009 EST
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