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Covers Month, Day 12: "Nancy Sings"

Of course I couldn't resist squeezing deal old Jandek into Covers Month. Posting his perhaps best song and Ivory Elephant's cover of it, also gives me a reason to talk about his show at Rudyard's in his home town of Houston exactly one week ago. There were many extraordinary things about this gig, his first in Houston.<br/><br/> But it all boils down to five essentials points (get ready because this is shocking stuff): 1. Jandek sat at the bar when the doors opened and greeted and talked to everyone who entered. He didn't hide backstage as usual, he actually socialised! And seemed happy about it! 2.<br/><br/> The show consisted of an 80 minute funk jam. Yes, a funk jam. 3.<br/><br/> .... 5:32 a.m. Monday 13th April 2009 EST
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