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Coyne on Arcade Fire: "They're Pricks, ...

Photo by Kirstie Shanley Some might hear an Arcade Fire song-- all that sweeping sincerity and gusto!-- and guess that the band is a little pompous in real life. They're rock'n'roll saviors, dammit! Well, according to Flaming Lips front man Wayne Coyne, Arcade Fire are actually a lot pompous in real life. At least that's what he told Rolling Stone in a recent interview.<br/><br/> (Via Stereogum .) Here's the humorously antagonistic quote: I'm a fan of them on one level, but on another level I get really tired of their pompousness. We've played some shows with them and they really treat people like shit. Whenever I've been around them, I've found that they not only treated their crew like shit, ....<br/><br/> 6 a.m. Thursday 5th March 2009 EST
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