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Creech Holler - With Signs Following

North Carolina singer-songwriter Jeff Zentner recently sent me With Signs Following , the recent album from his trio Creech Holler . While the broad categorization of alt country is probably okay for Creech Holler, a more appropriate label might be "distortion folk." A full half of the songs on this album are traditional (with another credited to Dock Boggs and four by the band), but these songs are hardly played in a manner that could be called traditional in any way. Relying on heavily over-driven electric guitar and brash rudimental drumming, this CD doesn't risk being mistaken for the work of folk purists.<br/><br/> The songs are still very recognizable as traditional folk songs, making for a nicely jarring combination. Listen: .... 3:34 a.m. Friday 6th April 2007 EST
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