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Critics Dont Matter

"Monsters vs. Aliens" just broke the 2009 box office record despite having reviews that were mediocre at best. If youre making your music for the cognoscenti, youre missing the point.<br/><br/> You only need to please your target audience, thats it. Music used to be a hierarchical world. Who had the number one album, who got the most airplay, who had the biggest grosses.<br/><br/> If youre playing that game, youre lost in the wilderness. A number one album sells few copies and is no guarantee of profits. So many people dont even listen to the radio.<br/><br/> As for box office, do you really thing Miley Cyrus will be selling out arenas five years from now? Three? Two? So when that hipster .... midnight Monday 30th March 2009 EST
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