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Crookers + Soulwax + Mixhell

Turns out it's called 'We Love Animals' and not 'Familia', so there. Take that internets correction police. :-p.

It's Crookers + Soulwax + Mixhell and it's good. Not really much else to say. We're going to Soulwaxmas tommorrow.

:-) 'Familia'ではなくて'We Love Animals'だったCrookers + Soulwax + Mixhellのトラックですがやっぱりいいです。明日はSoulwaxmasに行ってきます☆ ♫ Crookers ft Soulwax & Mixhell - We Love Animals [ M ] Pre-order the album for more freebies! オマケもついてくるとか?アルバムのプレオーダーはこちら。.
2:21 a.m. Saturday 12th December 2009 EST
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