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Crystal Castles

Crystal Castles

"Vanished" from the album Crystal Castles 2008 iTunes Incredibly enough, the supposed "nu-rave" subgenre is still looking for a face. As if the Klaxons weren't sufficient, Crystal Castles are the latest unlucky successors to the nu-rave center stage, and it's sort of fitting, seeing that their remixes of Klaxons, Bloc Party and the like helped build the Crystal Castles name. But unlike Klaxons, they play the role of the antihero, appearing mysterious and cantankerous in the press, bombastically claiming no influences.

Ultimately, this, along with a repertoire of some flawless songs, makes Crystal Castles all the more alluring. If any electro group is capable of handling the hype, both personally and musically, Crystal Castles and their powerhouse self-titled debut are .... 12:19 p.m. Monday 15th December 2008 EST
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