Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles

Label: Fiction Release date: 24/05/10 Link: Official Website Everything is set-up for Crystal Castles to crash here. Let’s time travel: they just managed to gatecrash the tail end of the ‘electro boom’ in 2008, picking up a section of fans, sporting glo-glasses and sunsticks, who you’d find calling themselves that dirty word, gulp… nu-rave, - they even appearing on a episode of Skins for Gods sake. We all know how some acts have aged terribly in that short space of time since then, though of course their debut was a more complex beast than that lazily labelled scene (from which they also distanced themselves from) Continuing, CC have notoriously been abrasive towards the media at times, and even their own ....

From 'The 405'
6:17 a.m. Wednesday 26th May 2010 EST
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