Crystal Castles, Vega: Crystal Castles Drama: ...

Crystal Castles, Vega: Crystal Castles Drama: Sketchy Cancelation of Dallas Show Prompts Speculation, Hateration/Holleration

Last night Crystal Castles was scheduled to play the Granada Theater in Dallas, and hours after the show was supposed to start, having kicked opener VEGA off the bill, with approximately a thousand fans waiting outside, Crystal Castles canceled the show at 10PM. The band claimed that this was due to the Granada Theater having an ill-equipped soundsystem. Sound fishy? Gorilla Vs.

Bear has two different accounts for the cancelation, from the band and the venue respectively. According to Crystal Castles' management, the venue is at fault for the canceled show: "a) Vegas (sic) were not kicked off for "petty bullshit", if Vegas want to try to create an internet meme out of this that's fine, whatever. b) CC obviously ....

9:20 a.m. Thursday 16th April 2009 EST
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