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Crystal Stilts, Ponytail, The Dodos: Northside ...

Crystal Stilts, Ponytail, The Dodos: Northside Festival Report: Day 4

Some of the highlights of the third day at the Northside Festival included kids in the mosh pit and a Mummy themed party at Bruar Falls. It’s Sunday afternoon, and I’m back at Bruar Falls, where a few tatty pieces of toilet roll slowly rotate around the ceiling fan as weary punters order coffee at the bar. I briefly consider some timeworn hair-of-the-dog remedies, but it’s going to be a long day.

Caffeine and a vegan cupcake suffice. The guys who own Cake Shop on the Lower East Side run Bruar Falls. Both venues are designed to appease sweet-toothed sugar addicts and indie rock fans.

Our new kidult overlords are in attendance again—this time it’s a batch of preteen kids, .... 3:09 a.m. Tuesday 16th June 2009 EST
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