Crystal Stilts: "Prismatic Room" Video!

Crystal Stilts: "Prismatic Room" Video!

The Crystal Stilts' debut LP Alight of Night will go down as being one of my very favorite records of the year. It's become my go-to record for walking around the city this Winter and it's given me even more appreciation for how well tremelo and reverb work together when covered in fuzz. When I saw them back in October they were amazing and life-affirming and damn well blew Vivian Girls right out of the water.

But anyway, they've just released a brand new video for "Prismatic Room." I kinda wish they would have made a video for a different song – "Crystal Stilts" or "Bright Night" perhaps – but the video is dreamy and blurry and beautiful, just like .... 2:09 a.m. Friday 12th December 2008 EST
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