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csn demos by crosby, stills & ...

csn demos by crosby, stills & nash

Here’s the thing. 60s folk rock isn’t hip. I know this.

I don’t even think it’s would-be hip. I mean yeah, it’s hip to like the Beatles, ‘cause they’re, y’know, the Beatles. And the Stones are awesome, and Zeppelin is cool in a nerdy, Lord of the Rings sort of way.

You might even get some ironic hip points for liking the Monkees 1 . But Crosby, Stills & Nash ? Didn’t my parents listen to them 2 ? Blech. CSN’s new album of old demos from the late 60s and early 70s – released earlier this month and titled, surprisingly enough, CSN Demos – may not be the greatest starter album, as part of its appeal is the fact ....

9:14 a.m. Friday 12th June 2009 EST
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