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Cursive Overload!

Cursive Overload!

Possibly the Cursive record most suited to be a project of Tim Kasher's alternate outlet, the Good Life, Mama, I'm Swollen is less dissonant, somewhat less bitter than the rest of Cursive's catalog. A good share of Kasher's lyrics (particularly since 2003's The Ugly Organ ) have somewhat mocked his audience and the way he feeds his fans the regurgitated pain they've come to expect from him, forcing him to peg himself as the songwriter who shares every ounce of vulnerability he's built up. Pick a topic, whether it be sexuality or emotional maturity, and he's not only felt it but written about it, then written another song to match on how he's expected to keep telling the story of ....

6:08 p.m. Wednesday 18th March 2009 EST
choir croak out them goodies 44 posts in collection
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