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Cycling, curling, & racquetball, you know, ...

Photography via Laredo Community College You know I love riding my bicycle. Alot. I ride all the time, rainy, sunny, cold, hot, everything in between.

It makes me happy, even when it is physically quite uncomfortable. But, I'm no one trick pony, it has always been my burning desire to dominate in three wildly popular sports. So, besides cycling, I've also participated in a season of curling a couple years back .

Granted, we only won one game the entire season, and yes, I did fall on the stone while sweeping once (really painful), but I think I was actually pretty decent at it, especially when you take in account that I'm a native Floridian and the first time I ....
4:48 a.m. Wednesday 16th December 2009 EST
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